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Publications by Hernan I. Savastano (3 found):

Denniston, J. C., Savastano, H. I., Blaisdell, A. P. & Miller, R. R. (2003). Cue competition as a retrieval deficit. Learning and Motivation, 34, 1-31.

Blaisdell, A. P., Denniston, J. C., Savastano, H. I. & Miller, R. R. (2000). Counterconditioning of an overshadowed cue attenuates overshadowing. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Animal Behavior Processes, 26, 74-86.

Blaisdell, A. P., Savastano, H. I. & Miller, R. R. (1999). Overshadowing of explicitly unpaired conditioned inhibition is disrupted by preexposure to the overshadowed inhibitor. Animal Learning & Behavior, 27, 346-357.

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