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Publications by Muhammad A.J. Qadri (8 found):

Cook, R. G., Qadri, M. A. & Keller, A. M. (2015). The analysis of visual cognition in birds: Implications for evolution, mechanism, and representation. In Brian H. Ross (Ed.), Psychology of Learning and Motivation (pp. 173-210). .

Qadri, M. A. & Cook, R. G. (2015). Experimental divergences in the visual cognition of birds and mammals. Comparative Cognition and Behavior Reviews, 10, 73-105.

Qadri, M. A. & Cook, R. G. (2015). The perception of Glass patterns by starlings (Sturnus vulgaris). Psychonomic Bulletin & Review, 22, 687-693.

Cook, R. G. & Qadri, M. A. (2014). Visualizing search behavior with adaptive discriminations. Behavioural Processes, 102, 40-50.

Qadri, M. A., Sayde, J. M. & Cook, R. G. (2014). Discrimination of complex human behavior by pigeons (Columba livia) and humans. PLOS One, 9, e1122342. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0112342

Qadri, M. A., Asen, Y. & Cook, R. G. (2014). Visual control of an action discrimination in pigeons. Journal of Vision, 1, 19.

Qadri, M. A., Romero, M. L. & Cook, R. G. (2014). Shape-from-shading in European starlings (Sturnus vulgaris). Journal of Comparative Psychology, 128, 343-356.

Cook, R. G. & Qadri, M. A. (2013). The adaptive analysis of visual cognition using genetic algorithms. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Animal Behavior Processes, 39, 356-376.

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