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Cook, R. G., Geller, A. I., Zhang, G. & Gowda, R. (2004). Touchscreen-enhanced visual learning in rats. Behavior Research Methods, Instruments, and Computers, 36, 101-106. doi:10.3758/BF03195555

Cook, R. G. & Holtzinger, J. (2001). Birds, brains, and visual behavior: The comparative psychology of perception. In M.E. Carroll & J. B Overmier (Eds.), Linking Animal Research and Human Psychological Health (pp. 251-262). APA Books.

Zentall, T. R., Wasserman, E. A., Lazareva, O. F. & al, e. (2008). Concept learning in Animals. Comparative Cognition and Behavior Reviews, 3, 13-45. doi:10.3819/ccbr.2008.30002

Cook, R. G., Kelly, D. M. & Katz, J. S. (2003). Successive two-item same-different discrimination and concept learning by pigeons. Behavioural Processes, 62, 125-144. doi:10.1016/S0376-6357(03)00022-6

Yaremchuk, V., Willson, L. R., Spetch, M. L. & Dawson, M. R. (2005). The Implications of Null Patterns and Output Unit Activation Functions on Stimulation Studies of Learning: A case Study of Patterning. Learning and Motivation, 36, 88-103. doi:0.1016/j.lmot.2004.10.001

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