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Partial List of Psychology 26 Handouts

Mental Rotation in Humans

Rotational Invariance in Pigeons

Discovery of the Learning/Performance Distinction (Tolman)

First systematic analysis of stimulus control in animals (Clever Hans)

First experimental and theoretical analysis of animal learning (Thorndike)

The Discovery of the Conditioned Reflex (Pavlov)

The cognitive analysis of learning in animals (Kohler)

Early Scientists in Animal Learning

Historical Approaches to Animal Cognition & Behavior

Comparative Psychology of Brain Size

Comparative Analyses of Learning (<--Here is the article to read)

Rule-Based Concept Learning (Learning Sets)

Ecological Factors in Learning

Comparative Psychology of Learning

Approaches to Comparative Psychology

Vision in Pigeons - Similarities

Vision in Pigeons - Differences

Stimulus Generalization - Guttman & Kalish

Concept Learning in Pigeons

Attention in Pigeons - Reynolds

Statistical Nature of Learning - Rescorla

Classical Conditioning

Causal Perception

Separation of Classical and Operant Conditioning - Williams & Williams

Economics of Reinforcement - Premack

Operant Factors

Matching Law - Herrnstein