The International Conference On
Comparative Cognition

March 16 to March 18, 2000

CO3 Logo Melbourne Beach Hilton Hotel Melbourne Beach, Florida

CO3 Steering Committee:

Mark Bouton, University of Vermont

Ed Wasserman, University of Iowa

Suzanne MacDonald, York University

Marcia Spetch, University of Alberta

R. Weisman, Queen's University (Chair)

Thursday evening, 6:30 PM to 10 PM

Concepts, Category Learning and Communication--Suzanne MacDonald, Chair

10 minute break

Associative learning I--Ed Wasserman, Chair

10 minute break

Communication, symbol and tool use--Mark Bouton, Chair

Friday evening, 4 PM to 8 PM

Face and object discrimination--Marcia Spetch and Debbie Kelly, Chairs

10 min break

10 min break

Memory and cognition--Ed Wasserman, Chair

Saturday evening, 4- 8 PM

Time, space and foraging--Marcia Spetch, Chair

10 minute break

10 minute break

Cognition in marine animals--Suzanne MacDonald and Stephanie Gibeault, Chairs

Perspectives--Ron Weisman, Chair

PARTY! 9 PM to??

Christina Thorpe (University of British Columbia) Geoff Hall (University of York)
Karen Hollis (Mount Holyoke College) Janice Steirn (Georgia Southern University)
Karen Roper (Wake Forest University) Herb Terrace (Columbia University)
Sara Shettleworth (University of Toronto) Amanda Napolitano (Ohio State University)
Jared Taglialatela (Georgia State Univ Language Rsrch Ctr) Theresa Franz (Franklin and Marshall College)
Lauren Baker (Georgia State University) Kymbr Wright (University of Southern Mississippi)
Tokuhisa Aika (Kyoto University) Sally Boysen (Ohio State University)
Chrissy Miner (Wesleyan College) Shannon Kundey (Wesleyan College)
Marie Trone (University of Southern Mississippi) Suzanne MacDonald (York University)
Kymbr Wright (University of Southern Mississippi) Karissa Tranel (University of Southern Mississippi)
Diana Lee (California State University) Diana Lee (California State University)
Rachel Thames (University of Southern Mississippi) John Batson (Furman University)
Maurice Feldman (Queen’s University) John Gory (Southern Methodist University and the Living Seas, Epcot Center)
Sheila Chase (Hunter College, CUNY) Eric Heinemann (Hunter College, CUNY)
Marc Rapuano (Franklin & Marshall College)Andrei Cimpian (Franklin & Marshall College)
Eric Hoy (Franklin & Marshall College)Maurice Feldman (Queen’s University)